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I've been in London now since Feb of 06 (from Memphis via Chicago), and I still refuse to touch anything with the words "black" or "pudding" remotely near one another, nor will I back down from my insistence that all American women are at least 6 feet tall. Even if most know that I'm lying, it's the small handful that buy the story that make it all worthwhile... >:) Always fun messing with the locals.

Though I started this blog to house travel pics for the folks back home, I find that it's evolved into a better outlet than email for my thoughts re: work, play, and all of the random stuff in-between. I'll try to keep the shop-talk to a minimum and the pictures decent.

n.b. - This is just a bit of fun - things I post here do not reflect the views of my employer or their clients.


getting lost, cycling, architecture, meeting new people, cooking for friends, taking pictures of architecture while cycling, ignoring maps, discovering anything - online or off, swapping war stories, stealing pens, playing pranks, reading and writing blogs, buying produce at markets, pretending my wine knowledge exceeds my consumption, expanding interests. and stairwells. this year, i'm definitely into stairwells.